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Moldable, with No Adhesives, No Resins


Tegris does not need adhesives or resins when molding or shaping.  Simply layer, apply pressure, heat, then cool.


Single layers of Tegris fabric and prepressed sheets can be molded into shapes.

Cutting / Trimming / Sewing

Tegris fabric and thin sheets can be cut with scissors and stitched to itself or other materials with standard equipment.  Thicker parts are able to be precision cut with waterjet, laser, saws, or routers based on thickness and application.  Contact us for details.


Aluminum, carbon, and a wide range of other materials can be molded with Tegris with the use of a bond layer, enabling Tegris to synergistically enhance the performance of the other materials. 


Components can be fastened to Tegris using off-the shelf fasteners, bolts, rivets, etc.  Contact us for specifics.

Coloring and Patterning

Need something other than white or grey?  Commercially available primers enable Tegris to be painted.  Or, Contact us for other options.